Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Stacked Coins and Vine Quilt

Stacked Coins and Vine Quilt
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My quilts are full of countless stitches and heaps of love since it takes that for me to make a quilt. I'm not fast like many quilters these days. I can easily get pulled away with cooking, baking, and schooling projects. I'm one to take my time on most of the sewing I do. I try to savor every moment......

I have several quilts that haven't been photographed. Since Mr. Drummer Boy is aka Mr. Master Photographer, I decided to have him take some pictures of it (and several of the antique quilts that I own) over time.

I made this quilt several years ago and am rather careful with it. We tend to use everything I make and most things start to look a bit worn and "tuckered-out." I felt like this one looked more like a wall piece to me but it hasn't made its way to the wall just yet.

It is machine-pieced and quilted and the applique was completed by hand. The coins are all woven plaids which I dearly love. I have since made several scrap quilts (my ultimate favorite quilts) and have managed to squeeze several of the plaids into them. Not one little piece goes to waste!

I can't say enough about quality fabrics. I don't purchase fabric too often because the good-stuff comes dearly but when I do get my supplies, I try to get the best I can afford. It has been my personal experience that the better the fabric, the better it wears over time.....and I've already mentioned how we use everything. Sometimes until it's threadbare.

Quilting is such a therapy for me, whether by hand or machine...and I do love both! I remember back in 1980, when my mother and I owned a quilt shop just outside of New Orleans. We had a few customers who would come in and make their purchases and enter the name of a grocery store in the check register! While I'm NOT condoning the art of lying, but I do understand their obsession. And their were a few other customers who received gift certificates for classes (sometimes from sweet and understanding husbands) so that they could have their own dose of quilting therapy.

The 1980s offered us a few hard times...sort of like these days all over again. I'm all for sewing the stresses away.

One last note, I had an aunt come for a visit this summer and while she was here, she spent some time admiring my finished quilts. After a little while, she looked at me and told me I'd been real smart to put my time into something that could be handed down to loved ones one day. I couldn't help by agree.

All the stitches....all the love.

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fawnda said...

I am so impressed by quilters. The quilt you made is BEAUTIFUL! Your family is lucky to have you make such wonderful things to pass down.
My Mother-in-law has made us some quilts that I LOVE. They are very special to me. I know all the work that goes into them! Great post!

Thanks for linking up! : )