Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Stacked Coins and Vine Quilt

Stacked Coins and Vine Quilt
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My quilts are full of countless stitches and heaps of love since it takes that for me to make a quilt. I'm not fast like many quilters these days. I can easily get pulled away with cooking, baking, and schooling projects. I'm one to take my time on most of the sewing I do. I try to savor every moment......

I have several quilts that haven't been photographed. Since Mr. Drummer Boy is aka Mr. Master Photographer, I decided to have him take some pictures of it (and several of the antique quilts that I own) over time.

I made this quilt several years ago and am rather careful with it. We tend to use everything I make and most things start to look a bit worn and "tuckered-out." I felt like this one looked more like a wall piece to me but it hasn't made its way to the wall just yet.

It is machine-pieced and quilted and the applique was completed by hand. The coins are all woven plaids which I dearly love. I have since made several scrap quilts (my ultimate favorite quilts) and have managed to squeeze several of the plaids into them. Not one little piece goes to waste!

I can't say enough about quality fabrics. I don't purchase fabric too often because the good-stuff comes dearly but when I do get my supplies, I try to get the best I can afford. It has been my personal experience that the better the fabric, the better it wears over time.....and I've already mentioned how we use everything. Sometimes until it's threadbare.

Quilting is such a therapy for me, whether by hand or machine...and I do love both! I remember back in 1980, when my mother and I owned a quilt shop just outside of New Orleans. We had a few customers who would come in and make their purchases and enter the name of a grocery store in the check register! While I'm NOT condoning the art of lying, but I do understand their obsession. And their were a few other customers who received gift certificates for classes (sometimes from sweet and understanding husbands) so that they could have their own dose of quilting therapy.

The 1980s offered us a few hard times...sort of like these days all over again. I'm all for sewing the stresses away.

One last note, I had an aunt come for a visit this summer and while she was here, she spent some time admiring my finished quilts. After a little while, she looked at me and told me I'd been real smart to put my time into something that could be handed down to loved ones one day. I couldn't help by agree.

All the stitches....all the love.

**Proud to be part of the Show Off Your Stuff party at Fireflies and Jellybeans.

A Lovely Giveaway and Sweet Blog

I don't generally promote the giveaways from someone else's blog, however this lady is very kind and generous. I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to look at her blog and enjoy her work and words. I find her inspirational and refreshing. Her most recent post describes an endearing picnic she set up for her family. You're bound to appreciate the thought she puts into her everyday life. With regards to her giveaway: she is celebrating her birthday and the items she is giving away has a link in the picnic post or you can see it in the following post.

I may need to plan a picnic of my own soon......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Practice Piano in Six Easy-to-Follow Steps

Step One

6:47-Day 28- How to Practice Piano in Six Easy-to-Follow Steps- step 1

Sit with good posture and play the pieces your teacher gave you for the week.

Step Two

How to Practice Piano- step 2

Smile when your brother sits beside you and invite him to a duet.

Step Three

How to Practice Piano- step 3

As he begins to take over the piece, gently slide (no pushing, please) him over and place your arm over the notes he shouldn't be playing.

Step Four

How to Practice Piano- step 4

If this technique fails, sweetly place your arm on him and explain to him that you are a budding pianist and would like to continue your devotion to music. He'll begin to understand that you are under time constraints and that you must take your music seriously.

Step Five

How to Practice Piano- step 5

Don't be surprised if your brother is overcome with joy and decides to hug you. He isn't trying to slow you down in your endeavors, he is simply expressing his deep-felt emotion.

Step Six

How to Practice Piano- step 6
If you've truly impressed him, your brother will even give you pats on the back(side).

You'll never know what music does to people until you begin to play an instrument.

It really does soothe the savage illustrated above.

Harvey and Marcelle, the Love Affair

This is Harvey and his bride, Marcelle.

He met her in France during the war back in the forties. They fell in love and married in the states just after she met his parents and brother, Elwood. (Many have said that Elwood was Harvey's best friend as opposed to brother....and that was true. However, Harvey's parents passed in a tragic auto accident. It was at that time that Elwood's family decided to legally adopt Harvey thus making him a brother and a friend. Perfect combination, don't you think?)

Meanwhile, Harvey and Marcelle have shared many wonderful years together and now that the children are grown they are enjoying their twilight years in sweet bliss.

Marcelle is the quiet type and that's been good for Harvey. She hasn't complained as he's told his war stories (a bit more than once). He is a decorated war-hero and though she loves him for it, she could recite the stories herself. It's just easier to be quiet and listen and it makes him feel so special.

You see them here enjoying the fresh evening breeze.

I've heard him frequently say that she was more than he'd ever dared to hope for.

One more happy couple.

Post-script: Harvey and Marcelle were running from a very bad city and she looked back and turned into a pillar of ceramic. Harvey still loves her.


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Charlie worked on the shrimp boats in the Gulf of Mexico. He doesn't talk much about those days of shrimp, hurricanes, crabs and catfish but I'll tell you a bit of his story.

You can understand why Charlie would pick the seafood industry. He's partial to a good meal. (So am I.....we have that in common.)

He'd always looked into the night sky with wanderlust. Charlie wanted the thrill of the water and waves. He wanted to feel the rocking of the boat and to hear the gulf waters lapping against the seaworthy vessel. He dreamed of catching the wayward mouse as it scurred across the deck. Charlie wanted the "big catch."

He spent his days watching the tide coming in and going out. His eyes followed the seagulls flying overhead. Were they taunting him?

Charlie's day came. He boarded the ship and his adventures began.

I've given away too much already. I'll resist the temptation to go on. The only other thing I'll tell you is this:

Charlie got the "big catch," only differently than he'd expected.

Be watching for: Charlie's Big Catch.