Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Practice Piano in Six Easy-to-Follow Steps

Step One

6:47-Day 28- How to Practice Piano in Six Easy-to-Follow Steps- step 1

Sit with good posture and play the pieces your teacher gave you for the week.

Step Two

How to Practice Piano- step 2

Smile when your brother sits beside you and invite him to a duet.

Step Three

How to Practice Piano- step 3

As he begins to take over the piece, gently slide (no pushing, please) him over and place your arm over the notes he shouldn't be playing.

Step Four

How to Practice Piano- step 4

If this technique fails, sweetly place your arm on him and explain to him that you are a budding pianist and would like to continue your devotion to music. He'll begin to understand that you are under time constraints and that you must take your music seriously.

Step Five

How to Practice Piano- step 5

Don't be surprised if your brother is overcome with joy and decides to hug you. He isn't trying to slow you down in your endeavors, he is simply expressing his deep-felt emotion.

Step Six

How to Practice Piano- step 6
If you've truly impressed him, your brother will even give you pats on the back(side).

You'll never know what music does to people until you begin to play an instrument.

It really does soothe the savage beast.....as illustrated above.

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Sharon said...

I'm so very glad you updated your blog! We'll have to remember these six steps, as my dd has an older brother as well, and it seems like he is equally helpful! Love, Love, Love your stories. Oh, and if you don't get dinner done, come to my house for cheeseburger soup and homemade bread (I was feeling unusually creative).