Saturday, January 24, 2009

January Snowballs

About the only kind of snowballs I can stand for very long are one of two pleasing varieties. There's the delicious offered-in-many-amazing-flavors: New Orleans snowballs...a sweet ice-cold treat in a cup.

The other variety is easier for me to get at the moment and I'm pleased as punch to be teaching the technique to my younger daughter: the snowball quilt pattern. We have started working on a quilt-pattern-a-month plan so she can learn more about this new disease she is suffering from: sewing!
This morning our girl time was spent setting up for the January pattern. Cutting, playing with colors, ironing, pinning and finally sewing...with a short break in there for a hot bowl of homemade potato soup with cheese and one quick Andy Griffith show.
The outcome was a lot of oos and aahs at her beautiful first attempt at making snowballs that won't leave you fact, they may even warm you up. Not as tasty as a New Orleans snowball but much better than the seemingly endless white variety we have sitting out in the front yard.

Saturday Sillies

Home-cookin' always does this to me. Is it knowing that I'm about to be eat something amazing or is it the savory aroma playing with my mind???

Friday, January 23, 2009

Teach a Girl to Cook.....

and she'll feed her teenage brothers for a while.

Yesterday, Jenna and I made an apple bread using a Pete-Bakes recipe. I found it to be too dry when using his exact measurements so I added a bit more milk. We also added a vanilla glaze (his recipe doesn't use one). These breads go so quickly at our house, especially when stuffed into lunches for work or when a stealthy maneuver occurs at midnight...which happens frequently around here!

Boy can those guys eat! We clock a lot of time in the kitchen working on old and new recipes, mostly created from scratch cooking, to feed this family.

Today I'm working on a delicious beef stew made with no-hormone beef and homemade beef stock. The stew meat is browned in oil for a crispy piece of meat and a built-in roux. I've also got a herb bread rising that is full of oregano, basil and garlic. Comfort is on it's way.

Monday, January 19, 2009

52 Weeks of Living

2009 has me reflecting on 2008 and what I accomplished. My flickr account reminds me of how much we did and takes me back to fond memories. I decided to help myself out next year when this urging comes again by taking one picture a week this year.