Monday, June 8, 2009

Strawberry Pyramid

Strawberry Pyramid
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My strawberries are growing nicely. This picture was taken last year when we first set up the bed. Runners can be encouraged to grow on lower levels. (The variety I planted was the ever-bearing strawberry.)

My husband built the pyramid and eventually made a pvc frame which fit over it so the birds wouldn't eat all of our juicy treats!

This year it is doing even better and has many yummy strawberries quickly approaching the ripening stage. I have more plans for these berries than I'll end up having berries, I'm sure. At least I'm guaranteed none will go to waste.

Yikes! Waste strawberries? They send you to jail for that, don't they??

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Toni said...

I love your strawberry pyramid, I have been trying to think of where and how to fit a berry patch in to our yard, and I think you just solved that for me:-)

So glad to have found your blog I saw you on Dianes Blog and stopped to say HI:-)