Sunday, September 6, 2009

Turn the Page....Tuesday (September)

My middle son and I tend to recommend books to one another. We enjoy some of the same authors and I'm always eager to read more of what he finds interesting. There's something to be said about sharing the love of reading with your children and the joy that comes from being able to discuss a book and the way it makes you feel. (This book is not a childrens book. This particular child is on the high end of the teen years.) Books....stories....are so full of impact and power.

Jerry B. Jenkins has written many books and I have read several, all of which I enjoyed. This particular book was a special one to him. The author hopes that you're left pondering the story and it's characters. I'm finding that to be so for me.

I'll tell you straight up that it has a spiritual base. It that offends you, you may not enjoy this book. If, however, you are intrigued by the workings of mankind and our relationship to God, this may be just the ticket.

Riven follows the life of a wayward teen who makes repeated mistakes in his life. I found myself almost cringing at his choices. They were understandably the choices of a person not in control of their temper. Page by page I could see the consequences adding up and painfully so.

I wouldn't be honest if I lead you to believe that bad choices were out of my realm either. I've certainly made my share. Thankfully they weren't as far-reaching as his but before I get lost in patting myself on the back.....let's be clear, they were bad choices in and of themselves and the sting of Wrong still it or not.

Brady, the struggling teen, did face difficult obstacles. We all face those, right? Brady even wanted to set things aright in his life and made some efforts to do so but was easily led astray by situations he believed would fill voids that had existed in his life for as long as he could remember. Has that happened to you before too? Something comes along and you know that there is a better solution but this one seems handy and quickly available and viola, you've readjusted your plan. It's only later when you realize your folly.

I can't (or won't) give away the remainder of Brady's story. Anger acted upon is not pretty and this story only convinces me further. He does make a decision to change the trajectory of his life. Will it be too late?

Several other characters are noteworthy. I found myself following them closely as they interacted or "rippled on one another" as I choose to say. We do ripple on one another, knowingly or not. That is, after all, where the very name of my blog comes from. I consider my life to be one little ripple on the lives of those around me. It's sometimes strange to watch the affects of one life touching another and in a compelling story such as this, it is profound.

My son and I will continue to share the stories we enjoy and we will continue to ripple on others, hopefully in a positive manner. Consider reading this book for a glimmer of true hope even in light of seemingly dismal circumstances. Consider rippling on someone. Be a encouragement. Life is hard and we all have a story!

Thank you again to Adrienne for a thought-provoking month of reading! My next month's selection is made and is completely different from any I've done so far. Best to keep you guessing....


Adrienne said...

I have definitly added this one to my reading list! Thanks so much for such a thought provoking review ...

Paula said...

Adding this one to my list right now. I have a teenage son who is struggling with the bad choices that he has made and in the process now of trying to remedy them and get his life back on track.

darnold23 said...

Thanks for the review. I teach seventh grade English and am always on the lookout for new recommendations.