Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Birthday Boy

Some time ago...

How do these children grow up so fast!? Time moves along like it's in a big rush to get somewhere fast. What's the hurry? Can't we slow down a little and smell the roses?....or coffee?....or in this guy's case, the vanilla cupcakes? (Make that chocolate cupcakes as the E-girl pulled a switch on Birthday Boy without his knowing until it was too darn late. )

Mr. Middle-child just celebrated 17 years yesterday. I tried to tell him to enjoy these days as birthdays start coming very quickly after this.

Everyone's so excited to be 18, then 21. Then're 26 and then 30 and're off again. It's fun but fast.

Here's to you, Mr. Middle! Be smart, safe and wise all your days and remember the value of family. We all love you. And drive safe!

The 17-year-old version

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