Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Just Here for the Food

Superbowl it the team or the food that drives you?

For me it's all about the food although I don't mind hearing people go on about their favorite team. Backed into a corner, I almost always cheer for the underdog. Second thought, I ALWAYS cheer for the underdog. I can't help myself. It just seems like they need me! Can you tell that my gifts are compassion and mercy?

While those boys are out there passing that football across the grass, I'm curious, what are you passing around the livingroom today?

I decided to spend the day in the kitchen for the most part working on something delicious.

Winter and I have had a parting of ways. We aren't on the best terms anymore (were we ever?!) so I'm rebelling and focusing all of my cooking energies on the southern delicacies I've always known and loved. How about some home cookin'? Are you thinking BBQ shrimp? This isn't the traditional BBQ sauce (although that can be mighty tasty too). This version is full of.......something too fattening to discuss in public... in quantities too obscene to mention. (butter, shhh) Let's just say Paula Dean would be proud of me today. We'll leave it at that. It is loaded with fresh garlic too and other yummy spices. All of this adds up to a New Orleans delicacy too good to pass....quarterback or not.

And to sop up the gravy?

What else:
A sweet little artesian bread...not sweet as in Hawaiian but sweet as in, "I can make you feel better about the other team winning."

Turns out that's just what I needed. The underdog is still the underdog. And they still need me, even though I'm no great sports fan.

At least the food was a winner.

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Flo Makanai said...

Hi Jannza
Congratulations for having won at Pete's game :)
What is that lovely artesian bread figuring on your post? It looks great, crunchy thin crust and all.