Saturday, January 24, 2009

January Snowballs

About the only kind of snowballs I can stand for very long are one of two pleasing varieties. There's the delicious offered-in-many-amazing-flavors: New Orleans snowballs...a sweet ice-cold treat in a cup.

The other variety is easier for me to get at the moment and I'm pleased as punch to be teaching the technique to my younger daughter: the snowball quilt pattern. We have started working on a quilt-pattern-a-month plan so she can learn more about this new disease she is suffering from: sewing!
This morning our girl time was spent setting up for the January pattern. Cutting, playing with colors, ironing, pinning and finally sewing...with a short break in there for a hot bowl of homemade potato soup with cheese and one quick Andy Griffith show.
The outcome was a lot of oos and aahs at her beautiful first attempt at making snowballs that won't leave you fact, they may even warm you up. Not as tasty as a New Orleans snowball but much better than the seemingly endless white variety we have sitting out in the front yard.

1 comment:

Beeb said...

I'd say the "food" snowball would be my favorite.
But I also like to sew with you...I really like your "pattern a month" idea. Is the next one a bullseye? Love you Momma!